A Journey From Burning Devastation

To Healing Restoration

"The power and poignancy of Desiree Ayres' story is loaded with uplifting hope...beginning with building a sound and satisfying relationship with God."

- Dr. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, The King's University, Los Angeles




Ten days after a terrible explosion left her fighting for her life, Hollywood stunt woman Desiree Ayres walked out of the Sherman Oaks Burn Center completely healed and whole. Today she is on fire for God, sharing her testimony of miraculous healing and restoration with everyone she meets.


What are you trusting God for? Physical healing? A financial miracle? Nothing is too big for God - what He did for Desiree, He will do for you. Beyond The Flame will encourage you to stand on the promises of God's Word, speak life into your situation, and claim your miracle.

$12.99 a Book + $5.00 Shipping


In 2009, Pastor Desiree Ayres hosted the annual Women's Conference at In His Presence Church, with a passion for women to understand the importance of being pure and holy. And this year God told her to prepare "The Bride" for the return of Christ.


As you read this book, you will not only understand the biblical principles of holiness, but through life experiences, Desiree will teach you how to live holy in an unholy world.

$5.00 a Book + $5.00 Shipping 

God Hunger

Following in the footsteps of her family, Desiree Ayres became of Hollywood's top stuntwomen, working on such shows as The Dukes of Hazzard, Remington Steele, and The Fall Guy. But for ten years of her life she suffered with anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating. Being completely healed by the power of God, she now bodly declares the truth of God's Word.


If you battling any form of addiction, this book will give you the tools and strength to overcome the flesh, and be sold out for Jesus!

$10.99 a Book & $5.00 Shipping 


In this message Pastor Desiree shares how God has called you to run your race. She wants you to know that God’s plan for your life is good, you have a future and a hope. You are called to win souls and make disciples, so don’t look back. Press Forward and Run! You are born to win your race and so you have to run to win.

With this Preaching You will Learn:

  • To Press Forward and Not Look Back…RUN!

  • Train to Win

  • Run to Win

  • When you Fall Down, get Back Up!

God has a plan for your life and it is to run the race that you were born to win. So Press on! Don’t Quit! Fight the Good fight of Faith, and win every time! God is with you!

$5.00 for CD Message + $5.00 Shipping


You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. God has a script for your life, a plan and a purpose. God is with you in every chapter of your life. He is that master of turning a disaster into a masterpiece, a mess into a message and a test into a testimony. In this teaching, Pastor Desiree doesn’t want you to allow any set back to become bigger than your comeback because THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

With this Teaching You will Learn:

  • To Know the Call of God on Your Life

  • To Never Give Up

  • To Forgive and Live Stress Free

  • To Know Jesus

Victory does not belong to the strong, it belongs to the faithful. Don’t Quit! God has a purpose for You! 

$5.00 for CD Message + $5.00 Shipping

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